Companioning Circles:  A Short Introduction

Companioning Circles are small innovative practice groups that are designed to grow your relational self through mutual support and deep personal reflection. They nurture caring presence and authentic depth in a safe and soulful setting. Companioning Circles create and maintain a calm, receptive space that invites honest, sensitive sharing.

Qualities of Presence

The Qualities of Presence

Centered in supportive listening and silence, each session moves with grace and patience. The gentle pace of sharing opens to inner discoveries, personal revelations, and mutual connection. The Circle becomes a comforting place for awakening one’s awareness of heartfelt memories, deep longings and needs, and inner tensions that can awaken insights. This invites new possibilities for growth and meaning.

Since the Circles form a shared setting of mutual caring, support and encouragement, they also awaken new capacities of presence. That may bring feelings of true human communion.

Over time a Companioning Circle can become a spiritual gift that also softens and deepens relations in the participants’ families, their congregation and their larger network of relations. These Circles can thus become a fertile hub for growing “Beloved Community.”

Among the qualities engendered in Companioning Circles are:
• Being heard, seen, and acknowledged from the heart
• Being held with respect, reverence and love
• Learning to live from a place of authentic mutual presence
• Feeling the power of the “soft, receptive self”
• Experiencing the healing gift and freedom of deep feeling

©Rev. Roy Reynolds – September 15, 2016