Paths of Companioning

“To become more loving, wise and authentic”


  • A Reverent Embrace – an open, warm, and welcoming space with heart 
  • Covenant – shared tenets of soulful companioning 
  • Ritual – poetically, prayerfully and liturgically deepening into the wise heart of sacred space; including a circle of chairs, a central altar, and symbols of Wisdom’s presence 
  • The Heart-Body – sensations, emotions, feeling, empathy, needs, and longings
  • Love – the Sustaining Source of living in communion; love frees soul from fear 
  • Silence – centered in stillness; abiding in silent contemplative presence 
  • Soul deep and intimate source of presence and sustenance that holds and nurtures life; a resonant, reflective, generative ground of feeling and images sensed through our hopes, memories, needs, and struggles, our longings, our joys, and the lure of destiny; creative place of potential; Source of wisdom and love; our True Nature 
  • Presence – wakefully embodied attention intimately centered in and perceived with body, mind and heartful attunement
  • Spirit – luminous ground and streaming presence of Love’s creative, empowering, and embracing momentum; freeing, sustaining, and buoyant; destiny’s will to carry Love’s ways of entering and embodying life as communion 
  • Practice – bring subtle, tacit, inarticulate, and habitual feelings and perceptions into the light of awareness and possibility; practices grow soul capacities and awareness 
  • Virtues – twelve qualities that soften, shape, clarify, and attune soul’s capacities: Devotion, Balance, Faithfulness, Selflessness, Compassion, Courtesy, Equanimity, Patience, Truth, Courage, Discernment, and Love
  • Faith – the power and motion of the spiritual-soul: the very felt stream of meaning 
  • Hope – soul’s gift of sensing the currents of “not-yet;” of what is and can be 
  • Affirmation and Gratitude – encouragement, support, shared appreciation


©Rev. Roy Reynolds

May 26, 2017