Companioning Circles

with Rev. Roy Reynolds

Are you ready to discover your more loving, wise, and authentic self ?

Do you yearn for companionship along the way?

What are Companioning Circles?

Companioning Circles are small innovative practice groups that are designed to grow your relational self through mutual support and deep personal reflection.

Companioning Tenets

A simple set of fundamental principles with which we grow toward heart presence.

What is the Companioning Circles Experience?

In the Companioning Circle group, members listen to members share until members indicate they are finished, without commenting, trying to help, or responding in any way.

Why Companioning Circles?

The Circle becomes a comforting place for awakening one’s awareness of heartfelt memories, deep longings and needs, and inner tensions that can awaken insights.




Rev. Roy Reynolds is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister in his 28th year of spiritual and pastoral service. He is credentialed as an Accredited Interim Minister, and as a fellow of the School of Spiritual Psychology, that contemplatively practices creative communion with the Earth as a Spiritual Being. Roy resides in Atlanta, GA, with Jean Lamer, his life partner of 35 years.

His professional services focus on providing individual spiritual mentoring, growing small spiritual practice groups—Companioning Circles—as well as leading worship and giving healing talks devoted to the challenges of our stressed planet and society. He is developing a guidebook for Companioning Circles. His companioning ministry seeks to awaken humanity to a new vision of hope through “Ways of Opening.” His relational vision is bringing forth new possibilities for “growing beloved community.”

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